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 The purity of a person’s heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals.


Bella love

Bella love

Uh Oh…I’m in trouble…not so pure of heart I guess…because although I love animals, my track record as a pet owner has not been exactly stellar.

I tried, I really, really tried….through many years of our family acquiring and “losing” a long line of feathered and non-feathered friends, to be a good pet parent, but we have had our ups and downs in this area.

All of the parenting books I read as I was mothering my four lovely children told me that we needed pets, they needed pets…we needed them for nurturing and caring and companionship and without them, my children would grow up as non-caring, unsympathetic adults. Well they grew up just great, thank you, but I’m not sure the whole pet thing contributed too much.

We’ve had everything from gerbils to hamsters to eels to goldfish to parakeets to dogs to a brief visit from a cockatoo ….

Success?…well not always…Oh the stories I could tell….but probably won’t…

Well there was the one story of the eel that didn’t want to be in a tank, and therefore kept escaping…which became  a daily screamer when I would go into my son’s room to find the tank empty….and the time that someone, who will remain nameless, threw a sock on the edge of the fish tank, which acted as a wick and drained the tank overnight and flooded the family room carpet below…yup.

Ok, and then there was the time the dog ate the bird, and oh yah, the escaped gerbil who has yet to turn up…Oh I won’t even go into how Barney, the lab, ate his way through the family room carpet…hmmm….there seems to be an escape theme here…were they all trying to get away from us?

But 5 years ago, we finally hit pay dirt, as the best pet ever born arrived at my door…

Bella was a surprise gift from my children one Christmas Eve. They were hoping it might help me with my terrible case of “empty nest syndrome” (more to follow about that)….and although she didn’t cure it, she sure did help…. a sad-eyed King Charles Spaniel who has captured my heart like no other pet before…and by the way, doesn’t seem to want to escape!

I used to think people who treated their dogs like people were silly….until Bella…



I am one hot dog!

And now I have become that woman! You know the one…

Halloween costumes, homemade dog food, sleeping with us, running errands with me, traveling with us…

I guess it is true that a really great pet (or maybe it’s the owner), accepts you unconditionally, loves you no matter what you do, welcomes you home, and just loves you for you!

So now I get it, I really do get it…pets can be a fabulous addition to your life…it took me so long to discover this…maybe because I was too busy raising human beings to be a great pet parent or to remember to water my flowers (see post on gardening)…I so admire the people who can do all of the above…but I feel as many do at my age, that I am making up for it now….thanks Bella…




“Every once in awhile, a dog enters your life and changes everything”


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