“Old School” Summer Fun/Digging to China

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” ― Henry James

Digging to China! No I am not kidding…one summer my siblings and I spent an enormous amount of time digging a giant hole in our backyard……we just knew that if we worked hard enough, eventually we would make it through to the other side of the world and meet our new Chinese playmates….the heck with that giant fireball in the middle we had to go through…but eventually Dad found out and made us fill it in….rats!

Our summers were full of unorganized activities-out the door in the morning, return for meals…building forts, climbing trees, riding bikes…growing up in a small town made for a simpler life.

But what is different now?…Oh Lordy, well technology on steroids for one….

Don’t get me wrong…I love, love technology. In some ways it keeps us more in touch than in the past, and I eagerly await every Apple announcement, but it’s really hard to put these devices down sometimes..

Every now and then I’ve been known to yell “Devices Down” during a family get-together..

But the bar is lowered each time I see a “bitty one” headsetted up and tuned out at a restaurant.

So…this post is all about “Old School” summer fun and some of the activities that I think still work….and that we did with our kids….and that you can do with yours…

The past wasn’t perfect, but we did still have a lot of simple cheap fun

    • Colored chalk on the sidewalk
    • Planting a garden (post to follow on that one)
    • Kicking or throwing a ball, any ball
    • Washing doll clothes in buckets and hanging them on a clothesline
    • Reading & cooking (they go hand in hand, blog to follow)
    • Bubble making (Dawn liquid recipe)
    • Giant box of Crayolas and pad of paper (my go-to dinner out activity)
    • Colored electrical tape, Matchbox cars, and blocks (instant city)
    • The Library! Hello?
    • Edible play dough (recipe to follow)
    • Camping in the backyard
    • Constellation hunting
    • Ice cream in a bag
    • Nature Scavenger Hunt
    • Neighborhood Parade
    • Lemonade Stand
    • Sprinkler (need I say more?)
    • Jump roping
    • Washing the car (child labor laws prevail)
    • Bug, shell, rock, anything collecting
    • Crafts & Sewing
    • Backyard obstacle course
Hours of Summer Fun! 1989

Hours of Summer Fun!

So get outside or stay inside on a rainy day and have some “old school” summer fun!

There is no getting this time back…believe me, I know, my children are grown and gone and I would give anything to have them back on the deck again, washing doll clothes in a bucket!

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  • Jules

    I love this! I remember many a summer day when we were not allowed to play inside! Forts! Bike rides! Playing in the creek! Picnics on the swing set! 🙂

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